The writing on the wall for LeSean McCoy's ongoing fallout with his ex-partner has reached the point of return. His girlfriend Delicia Cordon had not formally accused the Buffalo Bills' running back of direct physical abuse with the public spectrum. New claims added to the existing court documents filed on August 10 indicate that Delicia Cordon is presumably is redefining her stance in the case, after consulting with her team of lawyers. 

Photos of her horrific facial injuries had already surfaced as of September 19th, with no further insight into the matter, apart from the inferred meaning of their posting. The amended version of the court documents recounts a short period in the 2017 offseason where McCoy stands accused of roughing her up. The lawsuit now reads:

"McCoy is extremely strong and was heavy-handed," Delicia relayed to her notary. "He would often grab Plaintiff in a manner that was painful and would leave Plaintiff's skin reddened. McCoy did not care who was around when he would become enraged. McCoy once physically kicked Plaintiff out of the bed." Cordon's amended version included a detailed account oh physical abuse withstood by their son, and their dog. LeSean McCoy is accused of beating his dog so badly, that its ribs were broken.