Chrissy Teigen made her return to social media after a weeks-long hiatus due to her Courtney Stodden bullying scandal, but that didn't stop a fashion designer from kicking her while she was down. Project Runway alum Michael Costello claimed that Teigen bullied him after a racist post said to have been from him went viral. He came forward to say that it was fake, even DMing her to clear the air, but she reportedly told him "racist people like you deserve to suffer and die."

He alleged that the remarks caused him to be suicidal and Teigen had him blacklisted, however, a Black designer named Maxie J shared her story, claiming that Costello called her a "Black n*gger b*tch." Additionally, singer Leona Lewis took to Instagram to share her encounter with Costello, saying that he humiliated her back in 2014 at a show.

After sharing that she's "dealt with years of insecurity" from Costello and his team, Lewis said it was time for her to come forward. She participated in a fashion show for charity and Costello was assigned to be her designer. She was a fan of his work but while be fitted, the singer said, "I was made to feel very awkward and uncomfortable as the dress was a sample size and he/his team clearly did not want to alter it to fit me."

"At the next fitting, the night before the show, with no explanation at all, Michael refused to turn up," she added. "He no longer wanted to dress me and he abandoned his commitments to me and the show," adding, "I was so embarrassed and deeply hurt. Because I didn't look like a model size, I was not permitted to walk in his dress." She said she sat in the audience and handled press questions about why she wasn't participating.

Costello refuted her claims, telling TMZ that he's a fan of Lewis's and he's reached out to her. As that has been brewing, makeup artist Jordan Liberty has also come forward to speak up against Costello, accusing the designer of sexual harassment. Check out a few posts below.