Welterweight contenders Leon Edwards and Rafael Dos Anjos were pitted against each other last night for the latest installment of "UFC Fight Night" in San Antonio. Upon witnessing Leon Edwards' dominant display, two things stuck out.

For one, Leon Edwards is probably more deserving than say... Ben Askren of a Top 5 ranking within the Welterweight division, but the UFC isn't exactly a meritocracy; so fighters like Ben Askren who are particularly strong on social media, and on the mic, tend to flare up in the rankings - at the expense of the "go about my business" types in MMA.

Secondly, Rafael Dos Anjos' loss places him on a direct course back to the Lightweight ranks. His jiu-jitsu background and natural weight haven't translated all too well in the Welterweight ranks, post-injury. As for the triumphant Leon Edwards, and the prospect of moving up the ladder, the Englishman has his sights set on facing Jorge Masvidal, the popular fighter who not so long ago, clocked him in the face backstage at a UFC Fight Night event in March.

"I'm on an eight-fight win streak, in one of the hardest divisions in the sport," Edwards said post-fight. "There's a little weasel called Jorge Masvidal. Accept the fight. Let's do it. You're not on my level. Let's make the fight happen."

It just so happens that Masvidal was quick in responding to Leon's on-air challenge, issuing his retort via Twitter. Unfortunately for Leon, Masvidal fancies himself a couple of tiers above his English rival. Masvidal also mentioned in a subsequent Tweet that he was promised a Welterweight title shot after dispatching of Donald Cerrone, a fighter who as you might recall, lost to Leon Edwards several years/fights ago. Does Leon Edwards deserve a title shot of his own? Hit us in the comments.