This past Wednesday (Feb. 12), actress/musician, Zoe Kravitz stopped by The Tonight Show and revealed that her father, Lenny Kravitz performed a heartfelt last-minute speech to commemorate her union with her now-husband, Karl Glusman. Last year, Zoë Kravitz and actor, Karl Glusman, quietly eloped in the summer before having an intimate ceremony at her father's home in Paris, France amongst close friends and family. In recent years, Lenny and Zoë's relationship has blossomed into an unbreakable bond after Lenny revealed that his daughter is the reason he's been able to maintain his sobriety. Now, the Big Little Lies actress has been slowly sharing one of the most memorable moments of her life, her wedding day

The newlywed sat alongside Jimmy Fallon as she shared the story of how she meticulously planned her big day but forgot to include her parents' speeches into the ceremony. She approached her parents, Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, about them sharing a few words only to find out her father was nowhere near prepared to deliver during his daughter's monumental moment. Zoë Kravitz's detailed her father's last-minute preparations, stating to Fallon:

"It was funny because I planned this wedding very well and the one thing I didn’t really think about was speeches just because, I don’t know, it totally slipped my mind." Zoë continued, "The night before, I was like, I guess I should probably ask you guys to say something?"

"And so, the next day at the wedding, my mom opens like a journal and she’s written something beautiful and my dad said when he saw that, he was like, 'sh*t.'"

Despite the massive amount of pressure on the world-renowned rockstar, he delivered. "It was beautiful," Zoë revealed about Lenny’s speech. "He went up and gave one of the most beautiful speeches I’ve ever heard and I was in tears and it kind of made the night."

With Lenny Kravitz still making an impact on the music industry and Zoë Kravitz currently preparing to take on her role as Catwoman in the upcoming The Batman (2021) film, they are amongst some of the most celebrated father/daughter duos in entertainment history.

Check out Zoë Kravitz gushing over her father's wedding ceremony speech on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in the video provided below.