We recently reported on Lena Waithe calling out Black A-list actors for not supporting Black films or movies with predominantly Black talent. The producer of The Chi sat down with the New York Times to discuss her frustrations with the lack of Black financers and investors in Black-affiliated projects. And of the many people she has called out, the show creator specifically called out Will Smith and Denzel Washington for being apart of those who do not involve their coin. During a sit-down with the BET Experience Genius Talks, Waithe clarified that there is no beef between her and the named actors. 

"Look, Will, Denzel, I have a relationship with both camps, no shade no tea, I was just texting with Jada—everybody’s fine,” she said. “But ultimately, I’m saying for anybody who has money [and is] black, I think should be held to finance at least one or two black filmmakers trying to make their first film. I just think it’s important because then what will happen is we’re keeping the well within our community. I know that it is difficult to walk into a room of white financiers trying to explain why this particular black story should be told."