Will Smith. Denzel Washington. Jamie Foxx. These three men have been a staple in action and drama films for most of our lives. They have played some of the most legendary real-life heroes, musicians, and activists (Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Ray Charles). In fact, I still wonder why Smith didn’t receive an Academy Award for his mind-blowing role as Ali, but that’s another conversation entirely. People were dazzled by the achievements of Black Panther, for a very good reason, but these three men were black heroes before T’Challa broke records around the world. The Jamie Foxx Show and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air defined an entire decade of African-American sitcoms while at the same time, Denzel was delivering blockbuster after blockbuster.

Netflix has a catalog of great content for you to watch whenever you choose. Binge watching series and shuffling through films can become somewhat monotonous though. Sometimes, having a guide on what to watch is exactly what is needed to kill the endless time spent searching for something to watch. With Smith, Washington, and Foxx in mind, we have compiled a list of must-watch films by the iconic trio. While some of their best films are not currently on the streaming site, there are still great films featuring the three actors available to watch at this moment. For example, people forget that Denzel won an Academy Award for his role in Glory years before he starred in Training Day. Also, when Will Smith movies are brought up, people forget to mention Enemy of The State, which foreshadowed just how far privacy was going to be invaded by the government years before social media was even in existence. Choosing from the content available on Netflix right now, these are the best Smith, Washington, and Foxx films to watch.