Trailblazing Hip Hop icon Kurtis Blow announced his hospitalization in a recently shared social media post. Herein, the artist explained he would be undergoing an important surgery at UCLA Medical: "I am preparing for an aortic artery repair procedure tomorrow morning. The procedure will stabilize the artery from further damage caused by the hematoma I contacted from my recent travels to China." 

According to Hip Hop DX, the procedure follows serious health care which occurred in 2016. The latter consisted of a heart attack experienced by the rapper at his Woodland Hills home, an incident for which he personally thanked police officers for saving his life: "The police saved my life, a black man. In this day and age, people need to hear that," were Kurtis Blow's exact words. 

Chance Yeh/Getty Images

Blow played an essential role as one of the pioneers to the Hip Hop genre. In his lengthy career, the legend went onto release a total of 15 albums. Moreover, Kurtis Blow broke numerous records including being the first ever commercially successful rapper and becoming the first ever rap artist to sign with a record label. Though since his notable career in the music game, Kurtis Blow now acts as an ordained minister, but still offers his opinion on Hip Hop related matters from time to time.