Earlier today we posted about the heartbreaking hate crime that happened to Empire actor Jussie Smollett. The 35-year-old actor was out in Chicago early in the morning when two men approached him, yelling: "Aren't you that fa**ot "Empire" n*****?" Jussie tried to fight off the men, but they outnumbered him and left him with a fractured rib and a noose around his neck after the vicious attack. 

Jussie has since received an outpour of support from his friends and fans and the latest person to send well wishes is Empire's co-creator Lee Daniels. Lee shared an emotional video to his Instagram page, holding back tears as he recorded a message for Jussie. 

“It’s taken me a minute to come to social media about this because, Jussie, you are my son,” he said in a video, seen below.

“You didn’t deserve nor anybody deserves to have a noose put around your neck, to have bleach thrown on you, to be called ‘die f–got n–ga’ or whatever they said to you. You are better than that. We are better than that. America is better than that. It starts at home. It starts at home, yo. We have to love each other regardless of what sexual orientation we are because it shows we are united on a united front and no racist f— can come in and do the things that they did to you. Hold your head up, Jussie. I’m with you. I’ll be there in a minute. It’s just another f—ing day in America.”