The Kyrie Irving vs LeBron James feud finally got the parody it deserves, courtesy of the bright-minded people at AOK.

Using Eminem's 2000 hit "Stan" as inspiration, the three-minute parody focuses on Kyrie playing the role of Stan, as he writes to LeBron about his recent trade request, the numerous subtweets from LeBron and Dan Gilbert falling off the side of the flat Earth.

For example, some bars from Kyrie include,

"LeBron is mad, I'm wondering why
I asked for a trade at all
I scored 40 in the Finals
But I can't please LeBron
And even if I could, I'm not Chris Paul
With the picture on a boat."

"I wrote you, but you only subtweetin'"

"I sent two letter to Dan Gilbert, you must not have got 'em. He probably fell off the side of the Flat Earth or somethin."

“I know you got my last email, I even CC’ed Brian Windhorst.”

Earlier today it was reported that LeBron and Kyrie both met up in Florida this past weekend and although the details of their encounter are sparse, ESPN's Tom Rizzo says, "it was very cool. They didn’t get into any heated discussions." 

And that's definitely a positive sign for Cavs fans, who haven't had much to be optimistic about this off-season with the Kyrie vs LeBron feud, and the new reports that LeBron is "100%" leaving Cleveland after the 2017-18 season.

As the "Stan" parody references, LeBron could be heading to the Western Conference next Summer once he becomes a free agent to team up with Lonzo Ball on the Los Angeles Lakers, a team which figures to have enough money and young talent to lure LeBron out of the Eastern Conference which he has dominated season, after season, after season, after season etc.

According to Slam, the "Dear LeBron" video was written by Eric Moneypenny, Will Hagle handled the rapping, and vocals were provided by Allie Goertz. So kudos to them for taking full advantage of the goings on in Cleveland and executing an incredible parody of the Kyrie vs LeBron drama.

Check out the full "Dear LeBron" video below.