Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James can now add ‘television producer’ to his already long list of professional achievements. The TV show will be called “Cleveland Hustles” and will feature James alongside his close friend and business partner Maverick Carter. Due to the NBA superstar’s grueling practice and training schedules he will most likely be relegated to the occasional cameo appearance.

The purpose of the show is to grow local businesses and create jobs in Cleveland, and the show’s premise is to “give four aspiring local entrepreneurs the chance to realize their own dreams while revitalizing a neighborhood in Cleveland.” The two executive producers will also enlist successful local business owners to help advise the budding entrepreneurs. It sounds like it’ll be less a competitive reality show, and more a collaborative one.

The show is the next entertainment move for James after he played himself as a supporting role in Amy Schumer’s comedy “Trainwreck.” He apparently also has a movie development deal with Warner Bros., although there are no projects attached to that deal at this time.

The show debuts this summer on CNBC, and we're excited to see how it turns out.