Last Monday, LeBron James attended a massive event for Lobos tequila which is one of the many ventures he is currently working on. The event was attended by various big-name celebrities including Drake and Michael B. Jordan. LeBron took some photos with the people in attendance and just a few days later, he helped his Los Angeles Lakers make it to the NBA Playoffs thanks to a win over the Golden State Warriors.

With the Lakers kicking off their playoff journey on Sunday, there is already some controversy brewing as it was revealed that LeBron's event on Monday was actually a violation of the NBA's health and safety protocols. With COVID-19, the league has been strict with its rules and it should come as no surprise that this event was flagged by the league.

LeBron James

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

At times, players have been forced into a 10-14 day quarantine after breaking the rules. Had LeBron been punished for his actions, he would have been forced to miss the first few games of the Lakers' first-round series against the Phoenix Suns. Instead, he has effectively been given a warning, and we're sure he will think twice next time, especially since this is such an important moment in the season.

With Game 1 going down on Sunday at 3:30 PM ET, let us know who you think is going to win the series.