Holy crap did LeBron James just bring the house down in Portland. While taking on the Portland TrailBlazers at the Moda Center in Oregon, LeBron threw down what is arguably the dunk of the year in the NBA, and maybe the best of his 15-year career for the matter. This dunk is nasty y'all!

With Cavs down 13-14 early in the first quarter, LeBron goes around a pick at the top key and picks up momentum to drive down the lane and straight up posterize Blazers Center Jusuf Nurkic. Jumping from about halfway in the free throw lane, Lebron elegantly soars through the air and aggressively throws the dunk down, while flexing his muscles running down the court knowing what he just did to poor Nurkic.

Everything from the height & power to the aggression & finesse, the dunk was absolutely nasty, and will definitely be on the highlight reels to come.

The coincidence of the monster dunk is that just days earlier LeBron referred to himself to “fine wine,” and said that he was only getting better with age. Welp, this video definitely backs up that statement that's for sure.

Watch LeBron soar threw the air and posterize Nurkic in what is one the sickest dunks of his career. Does it make dunk of the year?