LeBron James wears many hats -- he's one of the most skilled basketball players in the world, he's a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and lover of tacos, among other things. Now, if you follow LeBron James on Instagram, then you already know that Tuesday is a great day in his household as it marks Taco Tuesday. Each week, he hits the 'Gram with a hilarious video of himself yelling "Taco Tuesday" in the camera with his family. Although it's a pretty basic term used in households across America, LeBron was trying to cash in on the phrase by filing to trademark it. Unfortunately, it appears as though he's facing some roadblocks on his way to doing so.

According to The Blast, a Mexican restaurant in Illinois filed a letter of protest against LeBron's attempt to trademark the term. The owner of Taco Tuesday, Inc claimed that the restaurant has been in business from 2016, serving people across the Chicago area. They were even featured in "Chicago's Best" television program. However, they're concerned that if LeBron successfully files the trademark, they won't be able to use the term in their business.

Al Bello/Getty Images

"Protestor's company would be crippled if precluded from using its own business name in Internet marketing channels," the letter read. An attorney for the company lowkey shaded LeBron in their argument against the NBA star's trademark filing. "The quality of being a person who enjoys eating tacos (and posting to social media about one's experience in eating tacos deemed delicious) does not give rise to a cognizable claim to trademark ownership," it read.

LeBron's application is still under review.