LeBron James has been taking the internet by storm every single Tuesday with his Taco Tuesday videos that are always full of dad energy. LeBron can typically be seen turning the camera on his kids and his wife who always seem to be a little embarrassed by his antics. A couple of weeks ago, James had Anthony Davis over for Taco Tuesday and the newest Lakers player seemed right at home next to the King. While it's clear LeBron has a great relationship with AD, we haven't really seen him invite any of his other teammates over.

TMZ recently caught up with Lakers player and frequent Shaqtin' a Fool target JaVale McGee and asked him about the weekly Taco fiesta. McGee gave a pretty accurate impersonation of the way James yells "Taco Tuesday" and said he would only go over if they were making vegan tacos.

McGee also explained that he wouldn't mind being invited but he wouldn't be offended if he wasn't. Maybe at some point this season, LeBron will have the whole team over so they can have a bonding experience like no other. The Lakers have an opportunity to be the best team in the league and they're going to want their chemistry to be on point.

Perhaps Taco Tuesday can be the great unifier.