With LeBron James back in the lineup, the Los Angeles Lakers were supposed to be able to turn things around and start an epic playoff push. Well, the Lakers had a chance to get a headstart on that push last night against the Indiana Pacers. The game ended up being a disaster for the Lakers as they got blown out 136-94. The 42-point loss was the worst of LeBron's 16-year career. 

James only put up 18 points in 30 minutes last night and led the team in scoring. The team's young stars have been struggling as of late, with some blaming their lackluster play on all of the trade rumors surrounding Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans. LeBron spoke about how all of the rumors are affecting the team.

"I know it has to be tough on a lot of our guys, especially our young guys," James said according to ESPN. "Right now, they've just never been a part of it and they're hearing it every single day -- and I know that the worst thing that you can do right now is be on social media. And I know all young guys love social media. So, that definitely can't help."

The Lakers are currently 10th in the Western Conference with a record of 27-27. They'll look to bounce back tomorrow night against the Celtics.