LeBron James is heavily tapped in when it comes to the world of social media. From Twitter to Instagram to TikTok, LeBron knows exactly what's happening on all of the different platforms out there. James has even gone the comedy route a few times, with his kids being a great way for him to understand exactly what the youth are doing on these various social networks. Now that LeBron is in the bubble focusing on his fourth NBA title, LeBron's kids are hard at work at home, finding ways to make fun of their famous dad.

The best example of this is a recent video posted by LeBron's wife Savannah. In the clip below, LeBron's middle child Bryce can be heard impersonating LeBron in the most hilarious way possible. While speaking to Bronny, Bryce lowers his voice and starts asking Bronny about his height, while offering up some LeBronisms.

Overall, it's a pretty hilarious clip and you can't help but laugh as you begin to picture LeBron actually uttering these words. Luckily, LeBron still has access to social media in the bubble, so he's probably well-aware of the clip.

If LeBron wins the title, we're sure Bryce will have some extra funny new material on the horizon.