Having a father like LeBron James must create a world of pressure when you're young and trying to create a name for yourself in the world of basketball. With his father in attendance, Bryce James had a bad shooting game and afterward, was feeling down about himself despite winning the game. That's when LeBron stepped in and offered Bryce some words of encouragement.

LeBron reassured his son that he actually made three of the biggest plays of the game, despite missing some shots the young player thought he should have had. In a video posted to Instagram you can hear LeBron telling his son "You ain't got to worry about making shots or missing shots." It's obvious that King James wanted his son to focus on some of the positives instead of getting too hard on himself.

Advice like that can go a long way in a young player's development, especially if it comes from one of the best players of all time. Who knows, with wisdom like that, maybe we can see Bryce in a Lakers uniform in the future.