LeBron James got to captain his own All-Star team for the second-straight year. Last night, his squad defeated Team Giannis 157-155 in what was potentially the best All-Star game we have ever seen. The format led to an incredibly exciting finish while Kawhi Leonard won the Kobe Bryant MVP trophy. Overall, it was a fantastic event and everyone seemed to have an amazing time. As you would expect, LeBron was a huge focal point of the event and his every little move was photographed.

Today, LeBron took to Instagram where he shared one of his favorite snaps from the evening. In the image below, LeBron is going up against Giannis Antetokounmpo. Both James and Giannis take up very little space in the photo as the rest of it is filled out by some famous faces. Of course, we're talking about Quavo and Offset from Migos, Cardi B, Spike Lee, and even 2 Chainz.

Famous faces are nothing new when it comes to All-Star weekend although it's cool to see everyone represented in one picture. Usually, photos like this have random fans who just so happen to sit courtside. This time around, we got to see who's who of pop culture, all getting together to watch two of the best players in the NBA excel at their craft. 

Needless to say, it must have been a night to remember for everyone involved.