LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers will be facing an unexpected foe in the Western Conference Finals. Of course, many thought they would get the Los Angeles Clippers, although that didn't happen as planned. Instead, the Denver Nuggets pulled off a huge upset, coming back from a 3-1 deficit to advance past the Clippers. Now, the Lakers will be gearing up to play a team they defeated three out of four times during the regular season.

During a media availability today, LeBron got to speak about the Nuggets and how much he respects them. He also had high praise for Mike Malone who was his assistant coach during his early days in Cleveland. James knows just how hard Malone works, and as he explained, it shows in just how resilient the Nuggets are.

"When you work hard on your craft and you see others working just as hard on their craft, it becomes organic and mutual respect," LeBron said.

Despite the Nuggets' recent heroics, it is very clear that the Lakers are the favorites to go all the way and win this season. Regardless, the Lakers are going to be in for a challenge, and fans are extremely excited to see how it all plays out.