Everything is shutting down because of Coronavirus. Tours are getting canceled, festivals are getting postponed, and the remainder of the NBA season has been suspended. That being said, Lebron James has a lot more free time on his hands these days, especially since he, like his buddy Drake, is in self-isolation after being exposed to Coronavirus. Earlier today, he hopped on Instagram Live where he entertained fans and dished out on the status of the forthcoming Drake project.

Drake has revealed that he's hard at work on his new project and presumably, he's still cooking up even though he's quarantined at his luxurious Toronto mansion. We still have no idea when it's going to drop but given Lebron's relationship with Drake (and his access to unreleased music), many would presume that he would be able to get some details about when it's going to drop. He doesn't.

"Can you tell Drake to drop his album already?" Lebron read from the comments on his IG Live. "Nah, not 'til it's done. Nothing it worth having unless you can wait on it, you know what I'm sayin'? But Drizzy album coming soon."

Drake's been slowly rolling out new music over the past few months including the most recent drops, "Chicago Freestyle" and "When To Say When." In addition to December's "War," Drake definitely has some ish in the stash.

Peep the clip below.