At this time of year, LeBron James can usually be found battling for an NBA Championship, whether it be with the Miami Heat or the Cleveland Cavaliers. This year, LeBron missed the playoffs with the Los Angeles Lakers and has had to watch the playoffs from the comfort of his own home. James is doing his best to stay active though and this past weekend he faced his toughest challenge yet: a three-point shooting competition against a 14-year-old.

Gabe Cupps is a young three-point shooting phenom from Ohio who has played with Bronny James Jr. Cupps issued a challenge to LeBron who felt like he had to answer and let people know he's not some pushover. As you can tell from the video below, LeBron won easily which depending on who you ask (Skip Bayless), was an upset.

"I got called out by my guy and in my opinion the best shooters (he can do more too) for the Class of 2023 @gcupps23 today," LeBron write. "Told him about a certain switch I can hit when needed and he didn’t believe me. Well he found out the hard way! Still my guy Cupps nevertheless."

Cupps also posted the video to his Instagram, saying next time he'll be able to beat the three-time NBA Champion. Only time will tell whether or not Cupps can be the shoot James so obviously thinks he is.