LeBron James has been building a school for at-risk children in his hometown for about a year now after outlining the project in 2016, but truth be told, the project has coursed through his mind for at least a decade. The I Promise School will aim to educate children from "challenging situations or backgrounds." The issue is close to LeBron's heart, because he knows he was fortunate to circumvent the underfunded education system via athletic scholarship. That's why he's chosen to provide the less fortunate a better nurturing ground. 

LeBron expressed his jitters over the unveiling this afternoon on Twitter, in response to a posting from his LJ's Fam Foundation Twitter handle. The post enlightened us to LBJ's attendance record: "83 days of school (missed) in the 4th grade." With that being said, LeBron is merely suggesting that his environment was not conducive to his success. But he made it worth through sheer determination. 

Any efforts to humanize his experience go a long way because at times LeBron appears to us like a larger than life figure. But when you put everything into context, you started to see the effort and determination that went into his grandstand. With I Promise School, LeBron hopes to make things a little easier for future generations.