LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers picked up a big win last night as they defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 115-105. LeBron picked up 28 points in the match and while the Lakers had a slow start to the game, LeBron and Anthony Davis were able to turn on the jets and leave the Grizzlies behind. The win brings the Lakers to a record of 21-6 this season, which is quite impressive considering this team only had 70 days to prepare for the season.

While LeBron had himself a great game, there was one play that ultimately overshadowed everything. In the clip below, you can see LeBron go up for a rebound when all of a sudden, he flops onto the ground after a light tap from Grayson Allen.

Throughout his career, Allen has been known for being a bit of a dirty player, but on this rare occasion, many fans were taking his side as LeBron's flop was pretty uncalled for. LeBron has done this sort of thing before, but on this occasion, he was promptly roasted for his efforts, and with good reason.

You can check out what people had to say about the deliberate flop, below.