NBA players have become known for their fashion choices as of late although it's not always for the right reasons. Some of the league's biggest fashionistas are roasted by fans on a nightly basis because they wear clothes that are questionable, at best. Last night, it was LeBron James who was the subject of some ruthless roasts at the hands of NBA Twitter-dwellers. 

Prior to the game, the Los Angeles Lakers posted the outfits of LeBron James and Troy Daniels. Both men we wearing long coats in complete opposite colors. For instance, LeBron's was blue and Daniels' was pink. From there, LeBron had a colorful zip-up shirt and shoes to match. While there isn't anything wrong with these outfits, fans made sure to get their two cents in. 

It's important to note that the opinions of these fans don't really match up with our own. Every time an athlete wears an outfit that is even a tad outside the norm, fans have something negative to say about it. In most cases, these fans are the same people who still wear Ecko hoodies and boot cut jeans over some Osiris sneakers. Either way, we're sure LeBron and Daniels will survive these vicious roasts, just fine.