LeBron James has never been just about basketball. Through his various business ventures, LeBron has shown people he is "more than an athlete" and is always looking to try his hand at different businesses. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is constantly becoming the new face of brands he believes in and yesterday, he revealed the latest company he is getting involved with.

The Calm app has become a popular meditation and sleep tool that helps millions of people with their mental health and well-being. James explained recently that he uses the app every night before he goes to bed and even likes to listen to the sound of rain hitting leaves. In the Instagram post below, James spoke at length about the app and how he hopes that athletes can continue to improve their mental strength.

"As athletes, it’s no longer just about being the strongest, fastest, toughest," LeBron wrote. "It’s so so so important to take that time for your mind and mental well-being. @calm is a tool that can help empower athletes, the youth, everybody because that’s the most important thing‼️‼️ and what’s a strong body, without a sound mind?"

With LeBron getting involved in yet another venture, it will be interesting to see what else he has up his sleeve. It's clear he still has plenty of time left in the NBA although these businesses are certainly setting him up well for retirement.