LeBron James was at the forefront of the NBA's strike just a couple of days ago as it was reported that he, the Los Angeles Lakers, and Clippers all decided to vote to end the season. After a night of rest, all three parties changed their minds and now, the season will continue on as normal. This saga in NBA history has been well-documented although recently, Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports published a piece that gave some heavy insight into how the NBA players' meeting went down.

According to Haynes, LeBron and others were upset with George Hill and the Bucks as their decision to boycott their playoff game came as a blindside to other players. The Bucks gave no warning in regards to what they were going to do, which rubbed LeBron the wrong way. In fact, LeBron asked what the end goal of all of this was, which led to a debate and eventually, his decision to walk out of the meeting.

Per Haynes:

"LeBron James was one of the many players miffed with the Bucks’ handling of the situation as well, sources said. To him and so many others, it put them in a no-win situation. 

His frustration with Hill and the Bucks was because the players didn’t have a plan of action that would warrant players returning to play, sources said. James’ mindset, sources said, was if they’re refusing to play, then what’s the end game and what demands must be met to continue?"

Even Udonis Haslem called out Hill and the Bucks although eventually, all was resolved, and starting Saturday, the NBA is back.