With only nine games left to play this season, the Los Angeles Lakers have been mathematically eliminated from a playoff spot. Despite the addition of LeBron James, the team has played awful down the stretch and have suffered in the standings because of it. Fortunately for the Lakers, they actually won a game last night, toppling the Sacramento Kings 111-106. The biggest bright spot for the Lakers last night was actually LeBron, who finished the game with 29 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists. After the game, James explained how he still wants to play hard despite the playoffs being nothing but a dream at this point.

"I would never cheat myself," explained according to ESPN. "I know we're out the playoff race, but if I'm on the court, I'm going to play how I play, and I play to win. So, I will never cheat the game. There's such a thing called 'game gods.' And they're watching no matter what you're doing, and it's our obligation to go out and be a professional, and that's what I'm about."

Coming into the game, the Lakers were on a five-game losing streak that ended up being the final nail in the coffin to their dashed playoff hopes. The team is currently 32-41 on the season and are 11th in the Western Conference.