ESPN is blessing all of us disaffected sports fans out there who have been forced to go without sports over the last few weeks. Due to the Coronavirus, there are simply no sports going on and this could actually last all the way until June or July. With this in mind, ESPN has decided to drop its highly-anticipated Michael Jordan documentaryThe Last Dance, early. The documentary will be aired starting on Sunday, April 19th and there will be ten episodes that will surely have fans excited.

One of the people who is hyped about the new release date is none other than LeBron James. LeBron has been forced to put his season on hold and is looking for entertainment just like the rest of us. Today, he took to Twitter to express his excitement about the documentary and in all honesty, we feel the exact same way.

LeBron James has been compared to Michael Jordan all throughout his career so it's easy to see why LeBron would want to see the documentary so bad. This docuseries will give us an inside look at the 1998 Chicago Bulls and all of the adversity they went through as they tried to secure their third-straight NBA title.

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