LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have easily been one of the most dominant teams in the entire NBA this year, and with the league returning this month, many fans believe they can go out and win the NBA championship. In order to bolster their depth for a lengthy run in the postseason, the Lakers have decided to land a big free agent in JR Smith. Smith has been tied to the Lakers for months now, and the team finally decided to sign him.

LeBron and Smith have a storied history together, as they won a championship in Cleveland. Smith was also a part of the worst NBA Finals play in the history of the league, which some believe was the breaking point for James to leave Ohio for a second time. Regardless of this past, LeBron appears excited to play with Smith again, as he stated on his Instagram story.

LeBron James welcomes JR Smith

Image via Instagram

The Lakers are going to be one of the first teams back on the court, which is good news for NBA fans who want to see if LeBron is still in shape. They will be playing the Clippers, which makes the first day back that much sweeter.

Whether or not this JR Smith experiment will work, remains to be seen.