LeBron James is one of the most politically active athletes in the world as he has consistently fought for the rights of people in the United States. Throughout this entire Presidential Election cycle, LeBron has been urging his fans to vote and has even sought to stop voter suppression with his More Than A Vote campaign. In fact, his initiatives led to numerous sports teams opening up their stadiums as voting locations. This helped drive some of the best voter turnouts we have seen in the history of the nation.

As it stands, Joe Biden is on pace to win the Presidency as he has taken marginal leads in places like Georgia and Pennsylvania, where the rest of the votes are going to be coming from Democratic counties. Many Biden supporters are rejoicing about this news, and some have been posting memes. In fact, LeBron reacted to one of these memes which depict a scene from Bad Boys 2 in which Will Smith and Martin Lawrence infiltrate a KKK rally.

"FACTS!!!! The accuracy is too real and i love!! Salute GA & PA!" LeBron wrote. "Yup it’s US!!! Ready for that action! My people voted they asses off."

For now, the United States election has yet to be called as many big networks are waiting for more decisive results to come in. Not to mention, many states are expected to undergo recounts as the margins are just simply too close to make a real judgment.

President Donald Trump has already filed lawsuits in some states as he is alleging the Democrats are committing voter fraud, although no evidence has been presented at this time.

Donald Trump

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