Despite reports that LeBron James wouldn't be ready to go on Thursday night when the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Los Angeles Clippers, the superstar decided to play anyway and almost picked up a triple-double in the process. James scored 24 points, 14 rebounds, and nine points, which ultimately helped propel the Lakers to a 123-120 win. The Lakers have fallen in the standings since James got injured and are now in an uphill battle to get into the playoffs. 

After the game, LeBron spoke to ESPN where he said he's ready to get his team into the postseason.


"The message for the team is we're all ready to make this push. That's it. Let's make that push. We're on the road. We're on the road for the whole month of February. We got two home games. So if you want to make a push, why not make it on the road? That's the best time where you can come together as a team when you're on the road and it's just us. So, let's do it."

The Lakers improved to 27-25 with the win but are still ranked ninth in the Western Conference. They are one game back of the Clippers so one good winning streak would most likely put them back in the playoff picture.