LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers had a special guest at the practice facility on Monday, as comedian Dave Chappelle stopped by to drop some jokes, knowledge and buckets on the top-ranked Lakers. As seen in the footage embedded below, Chappelle got some shots up with LeBron and worked on his step-back three-pointer with point guard Quinn Cook.

No word on whether or not he served up pancakes for everyone afterward, a la the classic Chappelle's Show skit (shown at the bottom of this post).

In addition to the jokes and jumpers, Chappelle seems to have left an impact on the Lakers player and coaches by simply talking with the guys about life.

“He’s just a funny person,” Kyle Kuzma said, according to the LA Times. “I think he may have tried to be serious but he ended up just kind of being funny because that’s who he is. Just telling us what he thought about life and how to be happy.”

“That’s kinda for him to share. I know what things I took from it,” Danny Green said, according to the LA Times. “More so breaking down you can’t be afraid to make mistakes or be yourself, basically. And that’s the point where he’s at in his life, where he’s not really trying to filter anything, and he’s carefree and more honest with himself than anybody. And that’s where it starts.”

LeBron shared a team photo with Chappelle on IG, and praised the comedian for taking the time to stop by the practice facility on Monday.

"THANK YOU so much for taking the time to come see us and give us some of your gems about this whole thing called “Life” we live in and what comes with it! You’re the ABSOLUTE GREATEST OF ALL TIME in your field for more than just being able to make people laugh! The world with you in it is simply a better place my friend! 🐐 Dave Chappelle"

Up next for the Lakers (11-2) is a home-and-home with the Oklahoma City Thunder, starting with tonight's game at Staples Center. Check out Chappelle's classic Charlie Murphy x Prince skit, as well as some additional photos from yesterday's Lakers practice, below.