LeBron James is one of the biggest basketball players in the world and thanks to various campaigns, he has made sure to talk about more than just his sport. Recently, LeBron was at a "Calm" event in California where he was speaking about the power of meditation. As it turns out, LeBron meditates every single night before bed and likes to listen to the sounds of rain hitting leaves. 

In the clip below, LeBron explains that he does this because the sounds remind him of his time growing up in Akron, Ohio. LeBron used to spend a lot of time alone and whenever there was rain, he would just sit back and reflect on everything that was happening around him. Sometimes, these thoughts were sad but he would always get through it.

“Times were hard. Single parent. No father," LeBron said. "I remember those nights when it was raining & I’m asking myself, ‘Why me?’”

Seeing LeBron open up in such a way is pretty cool especially considering his stature in the NBA. It's rare you see players give so much of themselves to people and James always appears to be coming from a genuine place. Meditation isn't a topic that is talked about a lot in NBA circles which means James' recent comments could lead to a bit of a movement. With so much talk surrounding the mental health of athletes, this dialogue certainly couldn't hurt.