LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers teammates closed out yesterday's practice while Eminem blasted through the speakers at the team's training facility - something that is apparently commonplace for a Wednesday training session. As LeBron later explained to reporters, the team wasn't just enjoying the new album because he loves Eminem, but because it was "White Boy Wednesday."

“Today’s White Boy Wednesday. Seriously. You’re laughing, but today’s White Boy Wednesday. It’s the only white boy music day, which I enjoy. I love Eminem. But it was more than just Eminem. We had a lot of good music today.”

According to USA Today, after LeBron finished his Q&A session at the Lakers’ training facility, he circled back on the “White Boy Wednesdays’’ thing.

“It’s a universal thing, right?’’ he asked reporters, with a smile. “It’s just like taco Tuesdays. It’s a (expletive) thing. You guys look at me crazy when I said, it like, ‘Oh, (expletive), white boys Wednesdays.’" After receiving confirmation that WBW was nothing new, 'Bron replied, “I’m about to say, ‘Don’t be looking at me crazy.’"

Check out his comments in the video embedded below.