LeBron James has been known for some antics in the past although unlike most people, his antics are usually positive and can bring a smile to people's faces. Back in 2016, James linked up with Blaze Pizza where he created a character named "Ron" who worked behind the counter at one of the chain's locations. This sparked a ton of confusion amongst customers who immediately recognized the three-time NBA champion upon walking into the restaurant.

Now, it appears as though Blaze Pizza and LeBron will be linking up again although it remains to be seen on what scale exactly. LeBron took to Facebook where he revealed the "Ron" character will be making a return. Blaze Pizza then went on Twitter to talk about the deal saying "Something BIG is coming." There is no telling what that is but obviously, it will include lots and lots of pizza.

LeBron has been leveling up significantly over the last few years as he has ventured into numerous different realms. For instance, James has acted in films and is about to star in Space Jam 2. James also has HBO show The Shop and this season he will be looking to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to an NBA championship.

Needless to say, LeBron has been thriving out here.