LeBron James Jr. still has several years of high school basketball to complete before he commits to a big time University, of which he'll likely have his choice of major NCAA programs. But first, Bronny has to decide where he wants to play his high school ball.

According to reports, the 13-year old star has opted to attend the exclusive Crossroads School in Santa Monica, the same place that Shaquille O'Neal's son, Shareef, played and the alma mater of former NBA star, Baron Davis. According to TMZ, other famous alumni include Jack Black, Maya Rudolph, Jonah Hill, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Evan Spiegel. 

However, LeBron Jr. will not be eligible to play on the Crossroads High School squad until he's in the ninth grade, so he'll be tearing up the middle school division next season. Most recently, the 5'11 2023 point guard prospect led the North Coast Blue Chips to a 13U championship at the Las Vegas Classic. Last season at Old Trail Middle School in Akron, Ohio, he guided his team to an ISL Tournament title, according to USA Today.

Shareef O'Neal recently praised Bronny, explaining that the 13-year old kid has it a little worse than he does and is handling things way better than he did at that age. Shareef posted the following on IG, "Bronny ... One kid I can relate to a lot ... we both kind of have it the same way , being the son of an NBA legend isn’t easy and to get all of this at a young age is a real challenge to adjust to.. Bronny has it a little bit worse than I do, but the difference between him and I, he can back his up at such a young age .. when I would get hate from people in the crowd at 14/15 years old .. I would choke up and wouldn’t play my game and I’m still getting the hang of it .. it’s all a journey ... this kid has it all! I’m looking forward to seeing him kill it for the rest of his career ! Love"