LeBron James has been extremely vocal when it comes to the political realm, over the past few years. Simply put, LeBron is trying to evoke real change in the United States, even if some fans are against him. Perhaps his biggest endeavor has been his "More Than A Vote" group which was created as a way to stop voter suppression and give disadvantaged communities a larger voice. So far, his group has been incredibly successful and has secured partnerships with the likes of Dodgers Stadium to create enlarged voting spaces come November 3rd.

Yesterday, LeBron James and the rest of the NBA partook in a boycott that saw the cancellation of playoff games. After initially wanting to end the season, the players voted to this morning to continue. Following this decision, LeBron took to his Twitter account where he reminded his fans about how they can affect change through voting.

"Change doesn’t happen with just talk!! It happens with action and needs to happen NOW! For my @IPROMISESchool kids, kids and communities across the country, it’s on US to make a difference. Together," LeBron said.

As the NBA playoffs continue, we will surely see LeBron speaking out even more on these issues. Hopefully, he and the rest of the NBA are able to get some real change from these politicians.