Being one of the highest earning individuals in your profession has got to be a great feeling. Especially, in an industry such as sports where how much you make is directly correlated to your performance and how good you are amongst your peers. Forbes just recently published their list of the highest earning players in the NBA and there is something to be said about being a dominant player. The list includes ten players and looks at not just their salary, but how much they make thanks to endorsement deals.

As you could probably expect, LeBron James led the league in earning with $88.7 million. LeBron makes $35.7 million with the Lakers but in terms of endorsements, he picked up $53 million which is miles ahead of anybody else in the league. Steph Curry was second to LeBron, making a list high of $37.5 million a season and $42 million in endorsements, for a total of $79.5 million.