LeBron James is one of the most famous athletes in the world, and when it comes to using his platform, James always makes sure to use it for good. As a direct result of this, however, the Los Angeles Lakers star has his fair share of detractors. Many politicians have spoken out against James in the past, but now, he is getting some of the most unhinged criticism imaginable.

A right-wing conspiracy theorist by the name of Sheila Zilinsky recently went on her show and claimed that James is an "illuminati wizard" who conjures up demons every time he does his infamous chalk toss ritual before games. 

“The sports world calls it a chalk toss, but it’s simply disguise for what he’s really doing,” Zilinsky said. “A high level conjuring, a spell, an incantation from this Illuminati wizard, where he’s summoning demons. I believe he’s conjuring up demons before every game. Plain and simple.”

While these kinds of opinions should be ignored, it's always important to note that there are people in our society who think this way. Of course, there will certainly be some trolls in the comments section agreeing with this, but who are you really fooling or convincing at this point?