LeBron James is one of the most iconic basketball players to ever grace the court and over the years, his style on the court has been quite legendary. James was one of the last players to ever be drafted straight out of high school and became a phenom while playing for Saint Vincent Saint Mary's. It was clear from the jump that LeBron was going to be a star and throughout his high school career, he always had a plethora of people coming to his games. 

During his time in high school, LeBron got to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated and was wearing his SVSM jersey. As it turns out, LeBron gifted that jersey to a friend and now, it is being auctioned off. According to TMZ, the jersey is considered to be so valuable that bids will be starting at $300,000 and could even wind going as high as $500K.


These are some pretty insane prices although when you consider everything James has accomplished, it shouldn't be too surprising. The magazine cover was shot back in 2002 and LeBron was 17 at the time. It's a piece of history that any sports collector would love to have.

If you're interested in shelling out the cash, you can bid on the jersey over at Goldin Auctions.