LeBron James and the Lakers were starting to fall off in the third quarter of Game 5 of their Western Conference Finals series against the Denver Nuggets. In the fourth quarter, LeBron was able to completely change the narrative as he took the game over and eventually delivered the Lakers with a win. This victory propelled them to the NBA Finals where they will now get to play against the likes of the Miami Heat.

Following this game, Anthony Davis got to speak to reporters about LeBron and what he told the team prior to his takeover. As Davis explained, his message was both simple and well-received.

LeBron James

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

“He told us it was his time,” Davis said. “They was making a push late in the third and cut it to two and we didn’t really start off in the fourth quarter, didn’t close the third quarter how we wanted to and we didn’t start off good in that fourth. He just took over. He told us it was his time. He told me it was his time. You know, he kind of just — everybody just kind of got out of the way and let him be him. He brought it home for us. He’s always capable of doing that. He makes the right plays and makes the right reads, and tonight, you know, the read for him was to get to the basket and finish or make a play, and all of them were good reads and he carried us tonight to get to this point.”

Now, the Lakers will begin their quest for a title on Wednesday. It's not going to be easy but with LeBron and AD leading the way, they certainly have the best shot.