LeBron James has proven himself to be way more than just an athlete. One of his biggest ventures is the "I Promise" school in Akron, Ohio. There is a network of schools with the "I Promise" philosophy and some of the juniors from one of the schools were given the shock of a lifetime. Nearly 200 students, 193 to be exact, were brought on a tour of Kent State University in Ohio. During the trip, the students sat down in the auditorium where they were addressed by some important figures at the school. They were then told to look under their seats and open up an envelope.

To everyone's surprise, they were gifted with four years of free tuition to Kent State. For in-state students, tuition is roughly $11K a year which means for 193 students, that's over $8 million in tuition. Even for LeBron's standards, this is a massive gift that will certainly go a long way for these students.

These students still have a couple of more years before heading to college which means they'll need to keep up their grades and keep attending class. If they don't keep up with their studies, they will be at risk of losing their scholarship. Either way, this is a beautiful gift that LeBron should be commended for.