Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James entered the NBA in 2003 and there was a debate about which one should be the number one overall draft pick. In the end, it was LeBron who got picked first all while Melo went to the Denver Nuggets. Over the last 18 seasons, both of these players have put up Hall of Fame-worthy numbers and to this day, they are still playing at a high level. What makes things even more wholesome, is the fact that these two were best friends coming into the league and they have maintained that friendship even despite their rivalries over the years.

Today, Anthony turns 37 years old, and to celebrate, James took to Instagram where he posted some great photos of the two together. From their draft night to their early days in the NBA and even to their days as teammates with Team USA, every single era of their friendship is represented here. Needless to say, LeBron cares a great deal about Melo.

LeBron James & Carmelo Anthony

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Per LeBron:

"SCREAMING HAPPY GDAY to my brother @carmeloanthony! Who would ever think that 20 years ago when two strangers sat on those steps outside late in the night at the hotel in Delaware(for HOURS) for The Slam Dunk on the Beach High School tournament. We began talking about everything in our lives that was going on, that if it would ultimately result in a friendship and brotherhood bond nobody could ever break no matter how badly they wanted too! I’m proud of you man, TRULY AM! You’ve always been YOU and someone I know I can always call on rather I need it or not! LOVE YOU KING MELO! Peace God!"

Both men are currently in the midst of yet another playoff run, with LeBron and his Lakers leading the Suns 2-1, all while Melo is down to the Denver Nuggets, 2-1. If they both pull off wins in their respective series' then they will face each other in the second round. If this happens, then the league is for a treat.