LeBron James was downright dominant last night as his Los Angeles Lakers took on the Philadelphia 76ers. The Lakers came away with a huge 120-107 victory and are now 47-13 on the season. It's clear that the Lakers are championship contenders and if LeBron keeps playing the way he is, this team could make a serious run. Having said that, LeBron came through with a plethora of highlights against the 76ers. These highlights included a huge dunk as well as a three-point shot all the way from the Lakers logo.

In light of these plays, the "Washed King" took to Instagram where he got braggadocios for a second. LeBron wanted to talk that talk and honestly, we feel him. When you're playing your best basketball, you have the right to remind people of your greatness. 

"Trying something new. Jumping out the 📸 frame! Ha," James said in one caption. "Me. I bet you won’t. Me. Man who you talking to? Me. I’m talking to you(I bet you won’t). Me. Man you must not know me well!" he said in the other.

As the season goes on, we will probably see less of LeBron as the Lakers will try to rest him prior to the playoffs. Once the postseason begins though, we will be in for a treat.