Immediately after one controversy seemingly ended, another followed. LeBron James has had quite the week as his skills in the paint haven't been the only thing discussed in the sports world. First, there was the elbow seen 'round the world that caused da ruckus with Isaiah Stewart of the Detroit Pistons. Stewart lost it during the heated moment and continued to charge after James, despite being held back by several officials.

LeBron would go on to call it an accident and Stewart would say otherwise, but the altercation landed both men suspensions. Then, the nail-biting overtime game involving the Los Angeles Lakers and the Indiana Pacers also captivated sports lovers, but it was Bron's celebratory moment that has result in another penalty from the league.

LeBron James
Andy Lyons / Staff / Getty Images

After scoring a much-needed three-pointer in overtime, LeBron made what many consider to be an inappropriate gesture near his genitals, a la Sam Cassell’s iconic “Big Balls” celebration. It has been something that many NBA players have done throughout their tenures, often knowing that a fine is imminent but taking the chance anyway. While some fans may not believe that it was a big deal, the NBA takes these moments quite seriously and decided to fine the sports giant $15K.

When James was suspended over the Stewart incident, he called the decision "bullsh*t." The NBA took issue with that, as well, and when they fined him they also issued a warning about "using profane language during media availability in response to league-imposed discipline.”