As of right now, six teams currently remain in the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida. By early next week, that number should be down to four, with the Los Angeles Lakers most likely being a part of that group. LeBron James and his team had a weak start to the bubble experience although, in recent weeks, they have been able to turn on the jets and start gelling as a unit. Now, they are just one win away from the Western Conference Finals, and fans are anticipating a huge matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers.

While James is trying to get yet another shot at glory, it certainly hasn't come without its boredom. When you're locked in the bubble, you eventually run out of things to do, and it seems like James is starting to go through it. This was made evident by a recent tweet in which he said "Same shit, different day that feels the same. #justthoughts"

We're sure various other players are going through the same thing right now, especially if their families aren't there with them. However, being able to compete for an NBA championship will certainly make things more interesting, especially as we go deeper into the playoffs.

As for LeBron, the bubble experience will be over in about a month, which isn't too bad when you think about it.