LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have been nothing short of dominant this season. After finishing first in the Western Conference, it became quite clear that this was a team destined to compete for a championship. So far, the playoffs have been a walk in the park for this team, as they won the first three rounds in just five games. Now, they have an opportunity to do just that, again, as they are up 3-1 on the Miami Heat, with an NBA title on the line in Game 5.

Originally, the Lakers were only going to wear their Black Mamba jerseys in Game 7. Now, however, they will be wearing them in Game 5 as they want to go out and take home the championship in a uniform that was made to honor Kobe and Gianna Bryant. The Lakers are undefeated in these uniforms, and today, LeBron spoke about just how special they are.

Since Kobe and Gigi's tragic passing back in January, this whole season has been dedicated in their honor. With this in mind, it's clear the Lakers will be more than motivated when it comes time for Friday night's Game 5.

Only time will tell whether or not they rise to the occasion.