LeBron James is having a phenomenal season with the Los Angeles Lakers, despite being 35 years old and in year 17. Every single game, LeBron does something special that makes all of his fans gasp in wonder. Thanks to his performances, the Lakers are currently first in the Western Conference and have an impressive record of 49-14.

Last night, the Lakers played against the Brooklyn Nets and ended up losing. The loss shouldn't be too much of a shock when you consider how the team is still flying high after winning games against the Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks. LeBron scored 29 points in the loss and after the game, he was asked about his basketball IQ and what he thinks about on the court.

“I never predetermine my moves,” LeBron said via Clutch Points. “I never predetermine my plays. I just read and react. If I have an opportunity to score and I see the defense staying at home, then I look for that opportunity. If I see the defense is shifting over and they bring two guys on the ball, then I know I have a numbers game on the weak side. I know it’s four on three. I’ve been in those positions so many times throughout my career. I can literally close my eyes and know where my guys are going to be and read and react on that. So, that’s what it all boils down to.”

As the Lakers enter the postseason, LeBron's basketball intelligence will certainly come in handy. The team is expected to be a championship contender and if they want any shot at going all the way, LeBron will need to be on point.