When DK Metcalf was drafted into the NFL, there were some concerns about his ability to run routes and catch the football. Of course, the photos of his physique had gone viral and many figured his strength alone would be enough to carry him in the NFL. While his first season in the league was a bit of a learning curve, Metcalf has blossomed into a bonafide star this season as he has become every Fantasy Football player's dream.

Last week, Metcalf went viral for his insane athleticism as he chased down Budda Baker to stop what would have been a sure-fire pick-six. Yesterday, Metcalf had himself another monstrous game as he scored two touchdowns while picking up 161 yards on 12 receptions. It was an incredible athletic accomplishment that proved just how good of a player Metcalf really is.


LeBron was watching Sunday's full slate of NFL games and upon witnessing Metcalf's greatness, he decided to head to his Instagram story where he called the wide receiver "Baby Bron."


When LeBron James entered the NBA back in 2003, everyone knew he was extremely athletic and hard to take down. While it's hard to draw comparisons between Metcalf and an NBA legend, there is no denying there are some parallels.

As for the "Baby Bron" nickname, it remains to be seen whether or not Metcalf embraces it.

DK Metcalf

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