Now that LeBron James' signing with the Los Angeles Lakers has been made official, he has four years of Hollywood to keep him occupied when he's off the court. Already starring in a few films over his career, he's in the right spot now to potentially work the much-anticipated Space Jam 2. However, as his decision has been made and publicized, where on Earth is the Space Jam 2 trailer that we were promised? We've waited forever to hear any news about the sequel to Michael Jordan's classic film and now that Bron is in L.A., it seems like a given that it'll happen soon but we're getting pretty impatient. 

Of course, what would his inaugural appearance as a Laker be without a Kardashian co-sign? Making his way to dinner last night with his wife, Savannah, the couple double dated with LBJ's former teammate Tristan Thompson and his girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian. As they always seem to do, TMZ captured photos of the foursome making their way to Nobu in Malibu, shortly after news of James' signing was made official. They may not be teaming together on the court anymore but Bron seems to be tight with Tristan despite their apparent struggles to coexist at times.

Tristan and Khloe have had their fair share of drama over the last few months but it seems the birth of their daughter brought them as close as they've been in a while. The couple was cuddling up to each other on their way to the restaurant last night before linking up with Bron. Check out photos of their date here.